The Huntsman Program History and VisionThe Huntsman Program prepares its students to become leaders in today's increasingly interconnected world. Such leaders must be maximally adaptable to changing circumstances, in both professional and cultural terms. They will need to possess a variety of skill-sets in order to adjust their professional goals to changing opportunities and markets, and they will need to be able to communicate with citizens not only of their own culture but increasingly of other cultures, in a way that involves mutual understanding on a number of levels. It is with these expectations in mind that the University of Pennsylvania decided in 1994 to establish a joint-program in International studies and Business. Thanks to the generosity of Jon and Karen Huntsman, the program now proudly bears their name.

The Huntsman Program History and VisionBeginning in 1994 and graduating its first class in 1998, the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business brings together the curricula of two undergraduate schools at the University of Pennsylvania: the liberal arts curriculum of the College of Arts and Sciences, and the business and finance curriculum of the Wharton School. The link between the two schools—the curricular focus of the Huntsman Program—is the International Studies component, combining the developing professional competence in one of eleven foreign languages with the study of a particular world area where that language is the predominant means of communication and a set of courses—mostly but not entirely in the social sciences—which will provide a theoretical background to this central core of the program.