Adley Zayan

Class Year: 

Hometown: London, United Kingdom


Westminster School


Born and raised in London, Adley attended Westminster school.  During the college application process, he was drawn to the Huntsman Program’s balance between high-level academics, while providing a balance between the liberal arts and business pragmatism. Since students typically pursue a single subject at UK universities, Adley found the Huntsman Program’s multifaceted education particularly appealing. The program afforded him both a valuable liberal arts formation as well as a rigorous business education, thoroughly preparing him for a career in the financial sector. In addition, he would be fluent in French by the time he graduated and had the opportunity to spend a semester in the Francophone world directly matriculated with local students.
Throughout his time at Penn, Adley not only enjoyed academics, he also wrote for the Food & Drink section of 34th Street magazine, a popular student publication where his column quickly became a favorite.  During his semester abroad in Lyon, he not only immersed himself in his studies at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (IEP), but also extensively toured the farms and fabled vineyards of neighboring Burgundy, where farmers and winemakers use traditional techniques to produce some of the world’s most sought after vintages. After having this ‘on the ground’ experience as well as having completed the Advanced Certificate, Adley tackled the Professional Diploma covering the global wine and spirit industry.
The Huntsman Program’s resources have allowed Adley to excel and succeed in the business world, as well as to explore and develop his personal interests.  On a professional level, he has spent six years at Credit Suisse, working in both New York and London. Though Adley started Structured Products Trading, he then moved into Commodity Trading, where he has recently assumed a Vice President position with the Global Precious Metal Options desk.  
In addition to his continued interested in Food and Wine (and his hope to someday own a vineyard!), Adley is currently pursuing his pre-college passion for soccer. In fact, his team has held an amateur Sunday League Title on more than one occasion.  Since graduating, Adley has also developed into a world traveler through several trips to Asia, Latin America and Africa, where he recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Additionally, he has recently joined the Penn Alumni Interview Program in NY.