Alastair Green

Class Year: 

Hometown: Ottawa, Canada


The Huntsman Program offers students curriculum flexibility and academic support. The flexibility let me tailor my education around the topics I'm passionate about: economic development and sub-Saharan Africa. The academic support -- including funding for summer projects -- helped me make the most of my time at Penn and abroad.

The Huntsman Program had a major impact on Alastair by exposing him to sub-Saharan Africa at an early point in his undergraduate career. The curriculum's blend of business and international studies allowed him to pursue his interest in the economic development of Africa from various angles. During his semester abroad in Senegal, he conducted four months of social research on the Muridiyyah - one of the country's Sufi orders - and published a report on Murid business techniques and Islamic financing. His senior thesis, "Consumer-driven solutions to human rights abuses in Africa," is indicative of his main interest throughout college: the intersection between social objectives and private enterprise. While at Penn, Alastair was a member of the Wharton Dean's Advisory Board, a Management 100 Team Advisor, and business director of Empawr, a fair-trade clothing company.

After graduating, Alastair won a Gates Cambridge Scholarship to attend the University of Cambridge, where he earned an M.Phil in Economics with a focus on development. He subsequently spent two years working as a consultant for McKinsey & Company, counseling both nonprofits and private corporations around the world. Currently, Alastair is a student at Harvard Law School, where he focuses on international law and justice-sector reform. At Harvard, he is a member of Advocates for Human Rights, where he works as a project leader. This summer, Alastair plans to return to Africa to conduct economic development work at TechnoServe's Tanzania office.