Alessandra Gonzalez

Class Year: 

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador


Academia Británica Cuscatleca



Discovering Huntsman

Alessandra attended the Academia Británica Cuscatleca in her native San Salvador, El Salvador. She had always envisioned studying in the United States, and it was her curiosity in the socio-economics of her own country which led her to consider Wharton for her undergraduate studies. Alessandra’s interest in business was stirred by conversations she had with an aunt’s colleague at TACA Airlines about finance, specifically the market of derivatives. It was at this time when she discovered the Huntsman program. Alessandra applied to Huntsman because she felt it was the perfect match for someone interested in global economics. This perfect match was confirmed upon her first visit to the Huntsman program—the same weekend as spring fling—when she immediately made friends that would last through her years at Penn.

Building a Community

Alessandra found that her interests were met at Penn through various organizations, including the Wharton Retail club, Walk magazine, as well as her participation in Design to Show. She has found courses, such as Introduction to Retailing, to be the perfect combination of professional and personal interest. Apart from learning business fundamentals, like marketing and pricing strategies, she has been able to dress models featured in Walk. She found at Huntsman the ability to combine her interests with a vibrant social life as well. She is in a sorority and has enjoyed branching out beyond the Huntsman and Latin American communities at Penn. She believes both Penn and the Huntsman program offer many resources for creating long-lasting friendships.

Now and Beyond

Alessandra spent the fall semester of her junior year in Lyon, France. She enjoyed her time in Lyon, especially with the host family where she was able to practice her French routinely. She also enjoyed the 50-minute walk to school every day; the pleasantry of the river and the surrounding architecture made for an experience unlike any other. “Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference!” Alessandra sees herself remaining in the United States after graduation. She hopes to work in private wealth management, and perhaps one day she will return to El Salvador, though not before living in Geneva, Switzerland.