Ana Rancic

Class Year: 

Hometown: Belgrade, Serbia & New Zealand


GEMS World Academy Dubai



Why Huntsman?

Ana had a very international upbringing; though born in Serbia, she grew up in New Zealand and attended the last two years of high school in Dubai. Ana often returned to Serbia during the summers and also traveled quite a bit both with her family and school, which increased her interest in international affairs. Her global outlook is also reflected in her extracurricular activities during high school. She was very involved both in Model United Nations, as well as debate, and also participated in a global young leaders conference in the US.

This desire to pursue language and culture, but also fuse these studies with career interests in business, is what drew Ana to the Huntsman Program when she was applying to Penn. Her choice of a target language – French – was influenced by interest in the region and its usefulness in terms of being widely spoken. However, Ana’s decision to matriculate was made on Huntsman day—talking to students brought across the value of the program and particularly the tight community feel.

The Huntsman Experience

Ana’s favorite class thus far at Penn has been her accelerated French class. She describes her professor as highly enthusiastic and notes the great progress she and her peers have been able to make—while no one spoke any French at the beginning of the semester, she now says she feels she would be comfortable “getting by.” Looking forward, Ana is most excited to sample Penn’s diverse course offerings. She hopes to take classes in astronomy, art history, and religious studies, to name a few disciplines. For example, next semester she will be branching out to try a course titled “Energy, Oil, and Global Warming.”

Outside of the classroom, Ana has joined a variety of organizations to pursue her diverse interests. She is a member of Parliamentary Debate, the Wharton Business Law Association, and the Ski & Snowboard club. Ana has also continued her involvement with Model UN in college through joining the International Affairs Association and helping plan Penn’s high school model United Nations conference, ILMUNC. More than just being excited about the international affairs content, she describes the core ILMUNC freshman group as becoming a “family.” Her other main activity is the Huntsman Student Advisory Board, through which she helps to plan events that bring the Huntsman community together. Ana has greatly enjoyed getting to know Huntsmanites from different classes through HSAB activities.

In fact, Ana cites the Huntsman community and support network as the best part of the program. She describes how living together has brought the class closer, and how the lounge is a great forum for mingling with students from other classes. Combined with the structured advising offered through the program, Ana said Huntsman greatly eased the college transition.

Looking forward

This summer, Ana is excited to be doing the Penn-in-Tours program to further her French language ability, along with a few of her Huntsman classmates. She then hopes to spend some time in Serbia. While Ana is not yet sure what she hopes to do after graduation, she is confident the program prepares students to “find a job in any field and in any country” through the breadth of knowledge afforded by an international skillset in both business and the liberal arts.