Andrew Pollen

Class Year: 

Hometown: Abington, Pennsylvania, USA


Abington High School


Through the Huntsman Program lecture series, I have chatted with ambassadors, statesmen, businessmen and esteemed professors to whom students don’t normally have regular access. Furthermore, the opportunity to network with alumni and fellow students cannot be overstated. Without the help of one of the program’s external advisory board members, I never would have been able to work at BLADEX bank in Panama.

When he began his studies with the Huntsman Program, Andrew had lived in the same town outside of Philadelphia his entire life, but he says that the Huntsman Program helped turn him into a truly international citizen. During the summer after his freshman year, he interned in Seville at a major branch of Viajes el Corte Inglés (Spain's largest travel agency). In addition to gaining fluency in his target language, Spanish, Andrew also studied Catalan, which helped him assimilate more easily during his semester abroad in Barcelona.

Thanks to one of the Huntsman Program's external advisory board members, who is a prominent businessman, Andrew was able to secure an internship at el Banco Latinoamericano de Exportaciones (BLADEX), a foreign trade bank in Panama City. His on-campus activities included singing a capella and writing music reviews for the entertainment section of the Daily Pennsylvanian. In his academic pursuits, he was not motivated as much by finance as by international development through social means, such as political empowerment and trade liberalization.

While Andrew enjoyed his Wharton coursework, he was initially more interested in his language and political science courses. That is, until he began taking upper-level classes in Marketing, which eventually became his concentration. Andrew is now an Associate Consultant at Rosetta Marketing in New York City.