Antía Vázquez Fernández

Class Year: 

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico, Mexico


Greengates School



A global citizen with a domestic passion

As a Mexican citizen with Spanish heritage, Antía grew up speaking both Spanish and Galician, which led to her early interest in foreign languages. Her curiosity for global affairs grew further by attending an international high school, where Antía interacted with many different cultures and experienced the benefits of international dialogue first-hand.

In addition to her global perspective, Antía also had a vibrant interest in Mexico’s domestic affairs.  “My family has a very deep connection to Mexico. I grew up travelling across the country, so I was often exposed both to Mexico’s many strengths, as well to the major issues facing our nation.” Antía became especially passionate about poverty and inequality, and how these economic barriers disproportionately affected women in her country. She pursued this passion with an internship at Mexico’s largest microfinance bank, Compartamos in 2014. Through both rigorous analytical work and eye-opening field visits, Antía became convinced that Mexico’s various societal issues could be best solved through business. “I truly believe that economic growth is the main way to lift people out of poverty. Given the issues that riddle the Mexican public sector, the private sector is the most promising strategy for sustainable socioeconomic development.”

Why Huntsman?

Given her personal background, Antía was quickly drawn to the Huntsman Program’s dual-focus on international studies and business. Her decision to attend the program became fully clear when Antía visited Penn’s campus and had the opportunity to attend a Huntsman round-table with former Mexican Finance Secretary Ernesto Cordero. “Seeing Huntsman students interact with Secretary Cordero made me realize how diverse, passionate, and talented the Huntsman community is. I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of that group.”

The Huntsman Experience

Since being at Penn, Antía has been able to pursue both her personal and academic interests. As a talented and avid dancer, Antía is heavily involved in Penn Ballet and pursues dance outside of campus at local studio in Philadelphia. Moreover, she has rapidly become an integral part of Wharton Latino, coordinating efforts to increase campus interest in Latin American issues. As a member of Mex@Penn, Antía also hopes to expand the Mexican community at Penn by encouraging Mexican high school students to pursue undergraduate studies in the US.

Looking ahead, Antía will spend her summer in France with the Penn-in-Tours program. She looks forward to being fully immersed in the French language and culture, as well as further bonding with fellow Huntsman students. Antía will also pursue an internship at Deloitte in Mexico, through which she hopes to develop the business skills she needs to have a meaningful social impact in the future.