Clara Chow

Class Year: 

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


University of Toronto HS


Best of all, I know that wherever I go, I will have access to a network of wonderfully talented fellow Huntsmanites. As a student, I benefited from the advice and friendship of alumni, and I in turn enjoy speaking with and creating opportunities for younger Huntsman students.

After supporting a professor's research into the geopolitics of oil pipelines in Central Asia, drafting policy memos on the crisis in Sudan, devising a market entry strategy for a socially responsible company in the US, and studying political science in France, Clara can attest to how useful the Huntsman perspective has been in making sense of - and ultimately making a difference in - the world.

At Penn, Clara earned a Wharton concentration in Business and Public Policy and College majors in International Studies and French. She was a fellow at the Penn Humanities Forum, StartingBloc Institute for Social Innovation, Institute for International Public Policy, and Humanity in Action. Her senior thesis dealt with the rise of international institutes of elite education, and the impact of this phenomenon on social mobility in these schools' home countries. For fun, she enjoyed wine, cheese, conversation, and endless Literary Exercises as a member of the Philomathean Society and acted in the Theatre Arts production of Charles Mee’s Trojan Women: a Love Story.

Clara’s first job was as a management consultant in McKinsey & Company’s Washington, DC office, where she built a team and donor support to launch a nonprofit business incubator for youth in slums. The nonprofit, Generation Enterprise, Generation Enterprise has reached over 300 youth, built over 40 youth-run businesses, and boosted youths’ incomes by 12x. The organization has partnered with two state governments and the World Bank. Its work in Nigeria and India has been featured at the World Bank, ILO, Clinton Global Initiative University, Opportunity Collaboration, and in a 2014 MIT Innovations Journal case.

Clara has also worked at the New York City Economic Development Corporation and Hearst Innovation. She earned her MBA at the Stanford GSB and married a fellow Huntsman alumni (surrounded by a Huntsman-heavy wedding party). Today she splits her time between Bermuda, New York City, and the slum communities where Generation Enterprise continues to empower low-income, high potential youth.