Corey Metzman

Class Year: 

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Montgomery Bell Academy


When looking at different schools, I often became torn between studying liberal arts and business. In the Program, I can easily fuse these interests without sacrificing one for the other. For instance, this semester I’m taking intermediate microeconomics, Business Spanish, beginning Arabic, a course in Islamic Finance, and a class about online social networking theory. I’ve also had the opportunity to speak with the Cairo Bureau Chief of the LA Times and the President of the World Bank; events like these definitely round out my education both inside and outside of the classroom.

Why Huntsman?

After learning about the program, Corey visited Penn in his senior year to stay overnight with two freshmen in King's Court. "I loved the fact that intellectual conversations carried over from class to the dormitory, especially when many of them weren't happening in English," Corey said. 
Corey decided to apply Early Decision to the Huntsman Program. He knew in his first week at Penn that he had made the right decision. "I've never looked back," he said. "Huntsman and Penn encourage interdisciplinary work to an incredible degree, giving students the freedom to pursue and unite their interests in combinations impossible at other top institutions."

Student Background

A nationally competitive debater during high school, Corey developed an early interest in issues related to morality, public policy, and business. During the summer following his senior year in High School, Corey interned with Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper in Washington, D.C. Even before he enrolled at Penn, the Penn community welcomed Corey to special events through the Penn in Washington program, where he was able to mingle with the likes of Ben Bernanke, Senator Bob Casey and political analyst William Kristol.
While in Washington, Corey also pursued his interest in the Middle East, attending Congressional hearings and Think Tank presentations. Corey entered the Huntsman Program as a Spanish target, but he is taking additional language courses in Arabic as well as an Islamic Finance class through the Law School. He is studying abroad in Jordan this summer on a U.S. State Department Critical Language Scholarship.

Beyond Academics
Corey quickly discovered the myriad of extracurricular opportunities available at Penn. He serves on the Wharton Undergraduate Dean's Advisory Board, working with the Dean to create new initiatives to improve the academic experience at Wharton. He is also a TA for Management 100, the introductory class that all Wharton freshmen take during their first semester.

Embracing opportunities for community service as well, Corey is a consultant for the Social Impact Consulting Group, a student-run club that aims to create social value by applying business skills in the non-profit sector. Corey has worked with a low-income health clinic to model their volunteer supply and financial sustainability, and last semester his team helped an education non-profit to improve their strategy for legislative advocacy. Once a week, Corey also teaches debate to a group of inner-city high school students, which he explains "is a phenomenal way to give back to the activity that gave me so much in high school."

Corey still finds time to balance these clubs with his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu, which he says is a great complement to his other activities.