Esther Hsu

Class Year: 

Hometown: West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA


East Senior High School


Chinese (Mandarin)
I applied Early Decision with high expectations of what college at Penn could be like. Despite these high hopes, I can say that my experience at Penn in Huntsman far exceeded expectations on many levels. I loved living in Philadelphia and enjoyed the academics but the most significant part of my Huntsman experience was developing lifelong friendships with stellar peers.

At Penn, Esther concentrated in Management, Marketing, and Legal Studies and minored in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. She held internships at the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta and Ogilvy & Mather in Beijing (while studying abroad at Tsinghua University). Huntsman also supported a summer study in Taipei - Esther's first trip to Asia - to further develop her Mandarin skills. Upon graduation, she joined Bain & Company's Boston office to gain broader exposure to different industries through management consulting.

Her Huntsman education allowed her to develop her interest in Asia by spending real time there and surrounding herself with globally-minded peers. This has impacted many of her activities outside of work as well. In 2006, she co-founded a social enterprise business (Shokay International) sourcing yak down from Tibetan herders with a Huntsman classmate, Carol Chyau.  While completing her third year with Bain in New York, she also worked with a team to found a program aiming to support orphanages in China with volunteers from the U.S. 

Esther is pursuing concurrent MBA and MPA degrees at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. She is a Reynolds Fellow in Social Entrepreneurship and spent a summer working in agribusiness (specifically, gooseberries and baby vegetables) in the southern African Kingdom of Swaziland. Esther is still in close contact with her Huntsman class and counts many of them among her closest friends. She is very proud of all that they have achieved in a few short years since graduation and looks forward to hearing of more of their successes.