Guhao Wu

Class Year: 

Hometown: Shanghai, China


The Program is amazing largely because of its people. It unequivocally has some of the brightest and most thought-provoking students at Penn. The Huntsman lounge is a place where all kinds of thoughts float around and interact with each other. People are used to challenging and being challenged, as this is the way they get closer.

Guhao has said that, as a member of the Huntsman Program, he did not simply learn many things, but did so in great depth. His study of German language and culture peaked when he lived with a German family and interned at a local financial firm for four months. His political science study culminated with a fruitful independent research on German welfare politics and his Wharton education got him deeply interested in a career in modern financial engineering. Post-graduation, Guhao began work as a Quantitative Analyst in Citi's Statistical Arbitrage Group. After spending almost a year in Citi's London office, he currently lives and works in New York City, but feels that his Huntsman education left him with no limits on where he may go in the future.