Josh Callahan

Class Year: 

Hometown: Pasadena, California, USA



Josh enjoyed his time in the Huntsman Program because he says it exposed him to many different ideas and helped him expand his natural curiosity about the world around him. Throughout his time at Penn, he was a sports editor and columnist for the Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn's student-run newspaper. Josh earned Wharton concentrations in Finance and Operations and Information Management. He took only one real estate class during college and says he didn't do particularly well, so when he left the Huntsman Program he had no idea that he would come to love urban real estate. He remembers a remark made by Jamshed Gandhi (Huntsman Faculty Director at the time) that what he and his classmates would be doing in five years would happen not because of what they'd planned but because of a conversation they would have in a bar. As it turned out, he got his first real estate job six months after he graduated due to a conversation with a stranger at a party.

He's been working in real estate ever since, except for a two-year break during which he earned his MBA from Harvard Business School. His career has taken him all over the real estate industry, doing everything from commercial development to low-income housing, and the business fundamentals he learned at Wharton continue to serve him well in his career. His current position is with an investment and development group, focusing on developments in urban areas, mostly in California. For fun he travels and cooks, and in June 2008 he participated in his first Ironman triathlon! Now in San Francisco, he often sees four other Huntsman 2000 classmates who also live in the region.