Lauren Diaz

Class Year: 

Hometown: Yonkers, New York, USA


The Ursuline School



Student Background

Lauren grew up in New York in a Dominican family.  In high school, in addition to being involved in her school's speech team and peer ministry, Lauren was president of the Model UN club and was an active member of Amnesty International.  She knew that she wanted to learn more about other cultures and do something related to international studies. At the same time, though, she was also interested in business and didn't know how to choose between the two.

Why Huntsman?

Lauren first learned about the Huntsman program at a Wharton information session when she came to visit Penn during the summer before her senior year of high school.  She had never heard of the Program before, but as soon as she found out about it, she knew it was perfect. Lauren came back to Penn in September and made a trip to the Huntsman office.  After speaking with the Program's Advisor and a few of the Huntsman freshman, she was convinced and decided to apply early decision.

Exploring Diverse Interests

On campus at Penn, Lauren is involved in Wharton Women and serves as a member of the club's marketing commitee. In terms of academics, she hasn't chosen a specific focus just yet, but she's really looking forward to taking her first philosophy class next semester. For her, that's the best part about Huntsman - it's a perfect balance of business and liberal arts classes that she knows she wouldn't be able to get elsewhere. "With Huntsman," she says, "I can take finance and accounting and at the same time be taking philosophy and language courses. You never get bored."