Lisbeth Nunez

Class Year: 

Hometown: New York, New York, USA


Fiorello H. La Guardia High School



Why Huntsman?

Liz was born in the Dominican Republic, where she lived until she was 9 years old, but she has lived in New York ever since. Her high school experience was quite diverse in comparison to many of her Huntsman peers. Liz attended a performing arts high school, where she studied vocal music, taking four music classes a day. It was actually through this that she developed a passion for Italian, her target language; after learning Italian operas, she decided to study the language itself.

Studying Italian grew Liz’s passion for international relations – a way to leverage her language skills – but she saw business as an additional practical application. Liz also had a very formative experience spending six weeks in India last summer, where she studied Hindi through a NSLI-Y scholarship for the government, confirming her desire to have a career with international scope—though temporarily complicating her choice of target language! All in all, Liz loved the well-rounded nature of the Huntsman Program, which presented itself in stark contrast to her high school, which was pre-professional in preparing students for a career in the arts.

The Huntsman Experience

Liz’s favorite class thus far has been History 107, the course on comparative capitalist systems that all Huntsman freshmen take in the fall. She credits the course with providing a solid foundation for a business education and really appreciated the environment created by Dr. Drew in which everyone was comfortable asking questions. Liz also loved the class’s many heated debates, as everyone brought unique and diverse opinions.

The community feel of the program has exceeded Liz’s expectations; she is amazed by how close she and her fellow freshman became so quickly. In fact, she references how a large number of them chose to spend their spring breaks together in Puerto Rico in explaining their friendship. However, Liz was also surprised by the level of support provided by all involved with the program. “You feel like people really care about you,” Liz says in describing the help she has received from program advisors and staff such as Flora and Monica. Liz has further found that the Huntsman community has permeated her on-campus involvement. For example, she got to know a lot of the Huntsman seniors better through her involvement with the Wharton Hospitality and Travel club. Beyond the Huntsman community, Liz is also involved on campus with the MACA collaborative, a new international consulting club that works with artisans in Mexico to help train them and get their products sold in the US. Most of all, she values the club’s tangible impact on the artisans it works with. She is also active members of Wharton Latino and the Italian club and recently joined a sorority, Chi Omega.

Future Plans

This summer, Liz is thrilled to be travelling to Italy for the first time for a language and cultural immersion program in Perugia, followed by language studies in Milan. She’s very excited to experience the Italian language and culture firsthand. Liz isn’t certain of what she hopes to pursue after graduation, but she credits Huntsman with exposing her to the myriad possibilities available to her. “I would never have learned of many of these opportunities at a liberal arts college,” says Liz. The experiences gained through the program and potential career paths it exposes you to prepare you for success in whatever you choose, and Liz is excited to see where her path will take her.