Marc Habib

Class Year: 

Hometown: London, United Kingdom


Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle



Student Background

Marc was born in New York to Lebanese and Swiss parents, but spent most of his life in London where he attended Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle. At high school, he specialized in science, played the piano, participated in various sports, and studied his target language: Spanish. Yet despite these varied interests, finance was always what Marc was most passionate about; he began investing and trading on his own account at the age of 15! Marc was also set on attending Wharton from a young age, due to its reputation as the pre-eminent business school. When he discovered the Huntsman Program, he knew it would be a perfect fit. He felt that no other school could combine international studies with a prestigious business education of Wharton’s caliber.

The Huntsman Experience

Marc cites the community aspect as the best feature of the Huntsman Program. What is special to him about the community is the fact that while all are pursuing the same curriculum, Huntsman students have immense diversity of interests and experiences. Conversing with other students thus offers a myriad of different perspectives and resources. He describes the help and support Huntsman students provide each other – both socially and academically – as “invaluable.” In particular, he has found the willingness of upperclassmen to offer advice extremely useful, especially with respect to obtaining internships and networking. He believes this gives a competitive edge to Huntsman students as compared to other students at Penn. Moreover, as an international student, Marc has found that the Huntsman Program, through its network and reach on campus, has helped him quickly and successfully integrate into the Penn community on a social level.

Marc’s involvement with the Huntsman community can also be seen in his primary extracurricular activities at Penn; he co-founded the Huntsman Program Student Investment Fund with other Huntsman students. The fund controls and invests a portion of the university’s endowment and is a good opportunity to apply classroom theory.  It is the only club on campus that actually invests capital, and the uniqueness of this club is something that has come up in many of his job interviews.

Future Plans

In Wharton, Marc is concentrating in Finance, and is looking forward to the opportunity to take more upper-level courses in the concentration during his senior year. This coming summer, he will be interning at Goldman Sachs in sales and trading; in fact, one of his interviewers for the position was a Huntsman alumnus! He’s certain that after college he’d like to work in banking in New York for a few years, but then move to Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and London. He’s also considering taking a few months before starting work to travel to Brazil and pick up Portuguese. Regardless of where in the world he ends up, he feels that the support he’s received from the Huntsman program community will have best prepared him to reach his future career goals.