Melissa Chan

Class Year: 

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Raffles Junior College


Chinese (Mandarin)

As someone that sings opera, dances the Argentine Tango, and plays various musical instruments, Melissa has always been passionate about the arts.  Inspired by the power of music to touch people's lives, Melissa's dream was to make a career out of enabling others to experience and interact with music.  With Huntsman, she found a program that was ideally suited to her interests.  At Wharton, she acquired a world-class business education.  She believed in it so much that she even directly sub-matriculated into the MBA program. 

Through her liberal arts studies, semester abroad at Tsinghua, and internships in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, and Kuala Lumpur, Melissa developed an in-depth understanding of the regional dynamics in Asia, as well as a network of friends and colleagues, all valuable assets as she currently develops her thesis for starting a regional performing arts company in Asia.  After school, Melissa focused on cultivating marketing skills that she believed were essential for any arts manager through brand management and strategy consulting roles at Diageo and Vivaldi Partners. 

At present, Melissa is pursuing a Masters in Arts Administration at Columbia University to develop and refine her arts company idea.  In her very limited free time, she is learning Cyrillic so she can learn Russian art songs and more practically, be able to read road signs when she eventually visits Russia.