Natalia Kogay

Class Year: 

Hometown: Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Tashkent International School


The fact that the Huntsman student body is so diverse makes learning outside of the classroom a truly unique experience. My freshman year experience has definitely been shaped by KC3 (yes, ask us what it is!) and its amazing residents.

Why Huntsman?

Natalia comes from a multi-cultural background. She is ethnically Korean, but her first language is Russian, and she was born and raised in Uzbekistan. She attended a high school with an amazingly vibrant international community and the fact that she loved learning about different cultures and perspectives inspired her to apply to the Huntsman Program.

The Huntsman Experience

Natalia's favorite courses at Penn have been the core finance classes, upper-level math courses, and her operations and information management class. She says that "all of those courses have been highly interesting, useful, and taught me a lot of skills that helped me to shape my career preferences."

As a math minor who is planning to concentrate in finance, Natalia feels she has a combination of knowledge and interests that would best apply to a financial services company. However, the merchandising sector has always allured her as well, due to the fact that the industry is highly dynamic. Natalia observes that "a retail company has to be able to predict the trends and, in certain ways, even shape consumer taste." As a student who is highly interested in the constantly changing landscape of the retail industry, and as a person who is quantitative and finance-oriented at the same time, Natalia is passionate about exploring a career in the retail division of a financial services company.

Beyond the Classroom

Natalia is actively involved in Phi Gamma Nu Professional Business Fraternity and has developed a number of marketing materials for their events. She loves spending time mastering skills in Adobe Photoshop, as her main passion outside of academics is definitely graphic design. She also enjoys singing and traveling, and shopping is yet another way she loves to spend her free time.