Sue Lyn Stubbs

Class Year: 

Hometown: San Rafael de Alajuela, Costa Rica


Colegio Británico of Costa Rica


Chinese (Mandarin)
Being a Huntsman student, I feel like the entire world’s opportunities are available to me. It’s inspiring and gives me an incredibly positive outlook.

Following her Passion

A British citizen born in Hong Kong, Sue Lyn grew up in California attending a bi-lingual immersion school where she was one of the first Western students to join their newly launched Mandarin program.  She added Spanish to her language portfolio when she attended Colegio Británico of Costa Rica. While there, she also developed a passion for dressage, a high precision equestrian sport in which she became National Champion in her level for several years running.  Sue Lyn turned her and her friends’ passion for horses into a group of volunteers who organized events to raise funds for youth with cancer. 

Apart from living in three different countries, Sue Lyn has visited over fifteen countries.  It was through her traveling and academic and extracurricular pursuits that Sue Lyn became interested in international affairs. The Huntsman Program was a perfect match – the dual degree combination of international studies with business and the opportunity to continue studying Mandarin.

Penn and Philadelphia

Prior to joining the Huntsman Program, Sue Lyn took the opportunity to complete an internship in Singapore, followed by an advanced Mandarin language course in Beijing.  This was not only a great experience but also prepared her for independent college living. 
Her favorite classes at Penn so far have been Mandarin and Comparative Capitalist Systems.  “The Comparative Capitalist Systems lessons helped me better understand why emerging economies like Costa Rica are still confronted with the challenge of creating a modern industrial capitalist society.”  She is now looking forward to the fall when she will study a higher level Chinese and take a more advanced Statistics course, as well as Management 101 and Finance. 

Outside of class, Sue Lyn has taken pleasure in the special relationships she’s built with her Huntsman peers in KC3.  “I knew the Huntsman community was going to be close, however, I did not fully appreciate until now how invaluable and supportive the community is.” Sue Lyn spends her free time engaging in the many activities that Penn offers; she is an active member of the Wharton Microfinance club and this summer undertook a consultancy assignment for a microfinance bank in Nicaragua.  The initiative helped Sue Lyn to better understand how the theory of microfinance she had learned in class can be applied in practice.

Plans for the Future

Freshman year at Penn has gone so fast that Sue Lyn is now planning the next three years, including her study abroad semester in China. Sue Lyn has not decided on her concentration yet, but expects it to involve her longstanding interest in Economics.  “This summer I will use my vacation time to intern at an American Chamber of Commerce and be involved in activities such as trade advocacy with the U.S. and programs that increase foreign direct investment.”  Sue Lyn will use this and future internships to help her select her focus area and to narrow down her career field in either the private or public sector.