Huntsman Student Advisory Board

The Huntsman Student Board serves as an instrument for greater student participation and as a forum for students to voice their opinions about issues of concern to them. Student Board members frequently organize panel discussions on subjects such as study abroad, internships and recruiting. They also facilitate informal mentoring between upper- and underclassmen in the Program.

Student Board

The Student Board also works to build a sense of community through social events such as pizza parties and coffee hours. In the past they’ve organized trivia nights, karaoke and trips to Phillies games. They even coordinated an all-Huntsman team for this year’s Relay for Life. Such activities help to maintain the close ties formed between Huntsman students during their freshman year, even after they spread out across campus and across the world during their semester abroad.

The Student Board consists of twelve members, four of whom are selected by the current members and eight of whom are elected by their peers.

Class of 2014:

Sushaan Modi
Hometown: Demarest, NJ
Target Language: Spanish

Aditi Abrol
Hometown: Singapore
Target Language: Spanish

Jordan Silverman
Hometown: Kamas, Utah
Target Language: Arabic

Aryana Keshavarz
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Target Language: French
Class of 2015:

Paula Berenguer
Hometown: Rye, NY
Target Language: Portuguese

David Hays
Hometown: New Providence, NJ
Target Language: Japanese

Morgan Motzel
Hometown: Roseville, MN
Target Language: Spanish

Katherine Chen
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Target Language: Portuguese
Class of 2016:

Max Lundmark
Hometown: Traverse City, MI
Target Language: French

Saanya Ojha
Hometown: Chandigarh, India
Target Language: French

Thomas Mustier
Hometown: London, UK
Target Language: Spanish

Fabian Sommer
Hometown: Vienna, Austria
Target Language: Spanish
Class of 2017:

Jane Choi
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Target Language: Japanese

Annie Wasserman
Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Target Language: Italian

Diana Mong'are
Hometown: Nakuru, Kenya
Target Language: German



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Ursina Beerli

Class: 2009

Hometown: Zurich, Switzerland

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I treasure my experiences in KC3… I have memories of going to Chinatown for Chinese New Year, being taught how to do a Greek dance, listening to political conversations in foreign languages, going to cultural shows together, bathroom signs in Chinese, and random Russian movies. I also will never forget late nights spent reviewing for the next day’s midterm, making sure everyone understood everything, no matter how long it would take. I will forget some of the models, concepts and theories I have learned in my classes, but I will never forget all I have learned from my fellow Huntsman students.

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