A Home Away From Home

Huntsman students enjoy the benefits of a small, supportive community that many describe as a “home away from home” and a large, vibrant Ivy-League university full of opportunities at their fingertips. Although deeply involved in an academically rigorous program, Huntsman students enthusiastically share in the life of the university, often taking leadership positions in many different activities such as athletics, journalism, music, student government, Model UN and theatrical productions, just to name a few.

Student LifeThe residential component of the program allows for the creation of strong bonds between Huntsman students. Students also enjoy exclusive access to resources and privileges that can only be offered within such a small program. There are a limited number of Summer Study Grants and Internship Programs that are available only to Huntsman students, and the Program Office offers a space for students to come together and take advantage of the many special events hosted there. Huntsman combines the resources of the University of Pennsylvania, the urban environment of the city of Philadelphia and the intimacy of a small program.