The Huntsman Curriculum: Challenging Students in Global Leadership

The flexible design Curriculum at the Huntsman Programof the Huntsman curriculum allows students to graduate in four years with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (from the College of Arts & Sciences) and a Bachelor of Science in Economics (from Wharton). While receiving two degrees in four years involves many requirements, students often find that they have a surprising amount of flexibility within those requirements, the freedom to take electives outside of them and enough spare time to become highly involved in extracurricular and social activities.

A minimum of 40 course units is required for graduation. Some courses fulfill more than one requirement, which allows students to pursue electives, or an additional College of Arts and Sciences major or minor or a Wharton concentration. General requirements in the College and in Wharton provide students with an introduction to the many different fields offered by each school. The International Studies major and the Wharton concentration allow students to specialize in the areas that most interest them. The interdisciplinary nature of the International Studies major means that each Huntsman student is able to personalize his or her curriculum, and no two Huntsman students will have the exact same educational experience.

The basic components of the Huntsman Curriculum for students entering the Huntsman Program in Fall 2017 or later are as follows:

International Studies Major Requirements
Advanced Language (4 courses)
Area Studies (3 courses)
International Business (3 courses)
International Studies (3 courses)
Senior Thesis/Senior Capstone (1 course)

The Study Abroad Component
Students will spend one semester studying at a University in the area of the world in which their language of focus is spoken. During their study abroad semester, students typically take area studies and international studies courses (and international business courses in select locations).

College General Requirements
Sector Requirements (7 courses)Curriculum at the Huntsman Program

Writing Requirement (1 course)

Wharton Requirements
Leadership Journey:
WH 101 (0.5 cu), WH 201 (0.5 cu), WH 301 (0.5 cu)
Economics 010, Economics 1, 2 and/or AP (Micro/Macro (1 course)
Business, Economics, and Public Policy 250, or Economics 101 (1 course)
Technology, Innovation, and Analytics (1 course)
Ethics/Business Ethics* (1 course)

*The Wharton Ethics/Business Ethics requirement may be fulfilled not only via ethics courses in Wharton, but also through several courses in Arts and Sciences that deal with normative or philosophical issues. These include three Philosophy courses that also fulfill the College's Society Sector requirement: Philosophy 002 (Ethics), Philosophy 008 (The Social Contract), and Philosophy 077 (Philosophy of Law). Other options include SOCI 135 (Law & Society), and PSCI 182 (Contemporary Political Thought).

Business Fundamentals
Accounting 101 and 102; Finance 100 and 101; Management 101; Marketing 101; Operations, Information, and Decisions 101; Statistics 101 and 102, or 430 and 431 (9 courses)

Business Specialization
21 Concentrations to choose from (4 courses)