The Application Process

Apply to the Huntsman ProgramThe Huntsman Program encourages applications from students with a genuine interest in both business and international affairs. Applicants are expected to be academically accomplished and have achieved intermediate-level proficiency in their target language. The ideal Huntsman student is well-rounded and demonstrates leadership potential and a global perspective.

Apply to the Huntsman ProgramHow to Apply to the Huntsman Program

Students apply to the Huntsman Program as part of their general application to Penn. Embedded in the Common Application are the Penn essays, including the Huntsman Program segment as part of the coordinated dual degree section.

Early Decision

Students are encouraged to apply early decision provided the Huntsman Program is their first choice and all required testing can be completed in time. Applicants who take any of the standardized tests in October or November and want to be considered for early decision should have their results "rushed" to the Admissions Office.

All Huntsman applications are reviewed by the respective admissions director for a specific U.S. or world region. The Huntsman Program liaison from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions also reviews the application as do the Huntsman Program directors. All decisions are made in committee in consultation with the Huntsman directors, but the final decision lies with the Dean of Admissions.

The Huntsman Program decisions are rendered before single degree. Those applicants who are not offered admission to the Huntsman Program will receive full consideration by the single-degree school of their choice. Applying to the Huntsman Program does not hurt a student’s chances of being accepted to either Wharton or the School of Arts & Sciences.

Students may only apply to the Huntsman Program before their freshman year. No transfer students can be accepted.