The breadth of the Huntsman education means that, for our graduates, almost anything is possible. It would not be possible to create a comprehensive list of potential careers for Huntsman alumni, as that list would be endless. Instead, please browse our alumni profiles to see some examples of where current alumni are working. You may browse the profiles by Class, Target Language or Home State/Country.

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Youssouf Camara

Hometown: Newark, New Jersey, USA

Jill Carty

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Lowell Caulder

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Sharon Chae

Hometown: Anaheim Hills, California, USA

Melissa Chan

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Rajeev Chanderraj

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Victor Chateaubriand

Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Jennifer Q. Chen

Hometown: East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Ronald Cheung

Hometown: Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China

Emily Chiu

Hometown: San José, California, USA