The Huntsman Office & Student Lounge

The Huntsman Program FacilitiesThe Huntsman Program has its own facilities, conveniently located just across Locust Walk from Huntsman Hall, where most Wharton classes are held. The Huntsman Office, at 3732 Locust, provides students with direct access to staff members who are dedicated exclusively to the Program. In addition to administrative offices, the facilities include a student lounge, computer lab, conference room and the classroom where the Huntsman freshman seminar, Comparative Capitalist Systems, is held.

The Huntsman Program FacilitiesStudents often use the Huntsman Office as a kind of home-base – a place to meet friends for lunch, study for an important exam, exchange tips during on-campus recruiting periods, print their notes and term papers – or just relax in between classes and read the international newspapers and magazines that are provided. When students need help registering for courses, choosing a study abroad location or finding an advisor for their senior thesis, they can simply drop by the office and speak with the Huntsman Program academic advisor. The Office is also the site of the Program’s many special events and luncheons.