Life on KC3

During their freshman year, all Huntsman students live together on the third floor of King’s Court College House (KC3). This affords Huntsman students the unique opportunity to be surrounded by a rich diversity of languages and nationalities, challenging them to practice their intercultural and linguistic skills on a daily basis.

Residential ProgramsWhile students learn about international relations in their coursework, they make use of their cross-cultural communication and foreign language skills while living on KC3. The residential component of the Program fosters the creation of lifelong bonds between students from diverse backgrounds. It also allows students to collaborate easily on class projects, help each other with their target languages and study together.

Residential ProgramsAfter the first year, students have their choice of a number of living options: Penn’s College Houses, sorority and fraternity houses or off-campus apartments. Many students continue to live with fellow Huntsman students who have by then become close friends. Whatever their living arrangements, “Huntsmanites” can always re-connect with each other at the Huntsman Program’s student lounge and during the Program’s special events.