International Business Requirement (3 cu’s)

Students learn how business is conducted in an international context by taking International Business courses. The following are only examples of courses that may be taken to fulfill the Huntsman Program’s International Business Requirement. Students may be granted credit for other classes not found on this list at the discretion of the Huntsman Advisors.

DepartmentCourse NumberCourse TitleAvailable in Fall 2022 (*)
AccountingACCT 2300International Accounting and Financial Reporting
AnthropologyANTH 153Culture and Commerce: the Anthropology of the Economy
AnthropologyANTH 347Anthropology of Corporations
AnthropologyANTH 386 - ANTH 086Culture, Consumption, & Production in the Global Marketplace
Business Economics & Public PolicyBEPP 2030Business in the Global Political Environment*
Business Economics & Public PolicyBEPP 2330Consumers, Firms and Markets in Developing Countries
Business Economics & Public PolicyBEPP 2360International Housing Comparisons
Business Economics & Public PolicyBEPP 2880International Industrial Development Strategies
Business Economics & Public PolicyBEPP 2890Economic Globalization
Business Economics & Public PolicyBEPP 2900Technology in Global Markets
Business Economics & Public PolicyBEPP 2980Privatization: An International Perspective
EconomicsECON 0240Development Economics
EconomicsECON 0500International Economics*
EconomicsECON 4530Topics in Development*
FinanceFNCE 2080International Corporate Finance
FinanceFNCE 2190International Financial Markets and Cryptocurrencies*
FinanceFNCE 2200International Banking
FinanceFNCE 2480International/Multinational Corporate Finance
FinanceFNCE 2490International Corporate Finance
Health Care Management & PolicyHCMG 2040Comparative Health Care Systems
Legal StudiesLGST 2140International Business Transactions
Legal StudiesLGST 2160Emerging Economies
Legal StudiesLGST 2190Law and Policy in International Business
Legal StudiesLGST 2200International Business Ethics
Legal StudiesLGST 2240Human Rights and Globalization
Legal StudiesLGST 2300Social Impact & Responsibility
Legal StudiesLGST 2430Other People’s Money: The Law, Politics & History of Financial Institutions
Legal StudiesLGST 2990Climate & Environmental Leadership in Action: Building a Sustainable Future
Legal StudiesLGST 2990Corruption
ManagementMGMT 1110Multinational Management*
ManagementMGMT 2050Multinational Corporate Strategies
ManagementMGMT 2080Globalization and International Political Economy
ManagementMGMT 2090Politics of Multinational Firms
ManagementMGMT 2230Business Strategy*
ManagementMGMT 2340Chinese Business Enterprise/Global Cont.
ManagementMGMT 2880Managing and Competing in China*
MarketingMKTG 2820Multinational Marketing
Real EstateREAL 2050Global Real Estate
Real EstateREAL 2360 - BEPP 2360International Housing Comparisons
Real EstateREAL 3900International Real Estate Comparisons
Urban StudiesURBS 457 - SOCI 435Globalization & The City: Global Urbanization
Urban StudiesURBS 480 - AFRC 480Liberation & Ownership


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