International Business Requirement (3 cu’s)

Students learn how business is conducted in an international context by taking International Business courses. The following are only examples of courses that may be taken to fulfill the Huntsman Program’s International Business Requirement. Students may be granted credit for other classes not found on this list at the discretion of the Huntsman Advisors.

The list below includes courses starting Spring 2023. More courses will be added to the list as they become available. You may find these courses in Path@Penn by searching for the “WUIS” course attribute or searching the course number.

DepartmentCourseAlso AsCourse Title
Africana StudiesAFRC 4800URBS 4800Liberation & Ownership
AnthropologyANTH 0860Desire and Demand
AnthropologyANTH 1530Anth of the Economy
AnthropologyANTH 2860Desire and Demand II
AnthropologyANTH 3470Anth of Corporations
Business Economics & Public PolicyBEPP 2030Bus in Global Pol Envir
Business Economics & Public PolicyBEPP 2330Consumers,Firms & Market
Business Economics & Public PolicyBEPP 2360Int’l Housing Comparisns
Business Economics & Public PolicyBEPP 2880Market Dominance
Business Economics & Public PolicyBEPP 2890Economic Globalization
EconomicsECON 0500International Economics
EconomicsECON 0510Development Economics
EconomicsECON 4530Topics in Development
FinanceFNCE 2190Intl Financial Markets
FinanceFNCE 2320International Banking
Health Care Management & PolicyHCMG 2040Comparative Hc Systems
HistoryHIST 1740Cap,Soc,&Crisis 20c Ams
Latin American and Latinx StudiesLALS 1740HIST 1740Cap,Soc,&Crisis 20c Ams
Legal StudiesLGST 2140Int’l Bus Transactions
Legal StudiesLGST 2160Emerging Economies
Legal StudiesLGST 2190Law & Pol in Int’l Bus
Legal StudiesLGST 2200Int’l Business Ethics
Legal StudiesLGST 2240Human Rts&Globalization
Legal StudiesLGST 2300Social Impact & Resp
Legal StudiesLGST 2430Other People’s Money
Legal StudiesLGST 2600Climate Environment Leadership
Legal StudiesLGST 2990Seminar in Law & Society
ManagementMGMT 1110Multinational Management
ManagementMGMT 1170Global Growth of Emerging Firms
ManagementMGMT 2050Multinatl Corp Strateg
ManagementMGMT 2080Mnging Glob & Anti-Glob
ManagementMGMT 2090Pol & Soc Environ of Mm
ManagementMGMT 2230Business Strategy
ManagementMGMT 2880Mnging & Compet in China
Real EstateREAL 2050Global Real Estate
Real EstateREAL 2360Int’l Housing Comparisns
Real EstateREAL 3900Int’l Real Est Comparisn
SociologySOCI 2945URBS 4570Globalization & the City
Urban StudiesURBS 4570Globalization & the City
Urban StudiesURBS 4800Liberation & Ownership