International Studies Requirement (3 cu’s)

International Studies courses provide the social science foundation to enable students to do meaningful comparative work. The following are examples of courses that may be taken to fulfill the Huntsman Program’s International Studies Requirement. Students may be granted credit for other classes not found on this list at the discretion of the Huntsman Advisors.

DepartmentCourse NumberCourse TitleAvailable in Spring 2022 (*)
Africana StudiesAFRC 070Colonial Latin America (HIST 070, LALS 070)
Africana StudiesAFRC 076Africa since 1800 (HIST 076)
Africana StudiesAFRC 190Introduction to Africa
Africana StudiesAFRC 234Unofficial History of Colonial Caribbean
Africana StudiesAFRC 268Contemporary Issues in African Society (SOCI 268)
Africana StudiesAFRC 274Faces of Islam in Africa (HIST 275)
Africana StudiesAFRC 372Africa and the Middle East (HIST 412)
Africana StudiesAFRC 420Advanced Topics in Africana Studies
AnthropologyANTH 002Introduction to Cultural Anthropology*
AnthropologyANTH 169Worlds of the Indian Ocean
AnthropologyANTH 190Introduction to Africa
AnthropologyANTH 394NGOs and Humanitarianism
Asian American StudiesASAM 239Migrations and the Middle East (NELC 239, SAST 269)*
Benjamin Franklin SeminarsHIST 216Religion and Colonial Rule in Africa
Comparative LiteratureCOML 220Russia and the West*
Comparative LiteratureCOML 297Global Feminism
East Asian Languages & CivilizationsEALC 081Premodern Korea (HIST 120)
East Asian Languages & CivilizationsEALC 340International Relations in Ancient East Asia
EconomicsECON 032Political Economy*
EconomicsECON 232Political Economy (PPE 232)
Environmental StudiesENVS 204Global Climate Change
Gender, Sexuality & Women’s StudiesGSWS 297Global Feminism
Gender, Sexuality & Women’s StudiesGSWS 411Political Economy of Gender (PSCI 411)
HistoryHIST 012Globalization (ANTH 012, SOCI 012)
HistoryHIST 030Emergence of Modern Europe
HistoryHIST 070Colonial Latin America (AFRC 070, LALS 070)
HistoryHIST 076Africa since 1800
HistoryHIST 081History of Middle East since 1800 (NELC 013)
HistoryHIST 086East/West: Modern World History*
HistoryHIST 120Premodern Korea (EALC 081)
HistoryHIST 123Economic History of Europe I*
HistoryHIST 174Capitalism, Socialism, and Crisis in the 20th Century Americas
HistoryHIST 179Rise and Fall of the Spanish Empire
HistoryHIST 202Cold War and its Legacies (majors only)
HistoryHIST 206History of Trade (majors only)
HistoryHIST 215Private Life in China
HistoryHIST 216Religion and Colonial Rule in Africa
HistoryHIST 218CU in India (SAST 217)
HistoryHIST 220Russia and the West (COML 220, RUSS 220)*
HistoryHIST 275Faces of Jihad in African Islam
HistoryHIST 331American Diplomatic History since 1776
HistoryHIST 390China and USSR Compared
HistoryHIST 412War and the Arts*
HistoryHIST 425World War I
HistoryHIST 430Third Reich
Latin American and Latino StudiesLALS 213Latin American Politics (PSCI 213)
Latin American and Latino StudiesLALS 233Latin American Topics
Latin American and Latino StudiesLALS 388Mexican Cinema (SPAN 388)*
Latin American and Latino StudiesLALS 590Anti-Imperialist Thought
Near Eastern Languages & CivilizationsNELC 031History of Middle East thru 1800 (HIST 081)
Near Eastern Languages & CivilizationsNELC 036Mideast thru Many Lenses (Freshman Seminar)
Near Eastern Languages & CivilizationsNELC 189Worlds of Indian Ocean (ANTH 169, SAST 169)
Near Eastern Languages & CivilizationsNELC 239Migration and Middle East (ASAM 239, NELC 539, SAST 269)
Near Eastern Languages & CivilizationsNELC 334Africa and the Middle East (HIST 371)
Politics, Philosophy, & EconomicsPPE 062Soviet and Post-Soviet Economics (RUSS 189)
Politics, Philosophy, & EconomicsPPE 232Political Economy (ECON 232)
Political SciencePSCI 110Introduction to Comparative Politics
Political SciencePSCI 116Comparative Politics of Developing Areas
Political SciencePSCI 131American Foreign Policy*
Political SciencePSCI 135The Politics of Food
Political SciencePSCI 150Intro to International Relations*
Political SciencePSCI 151International Security*
Political SciencePSCI 152International Political Economy*
Political SciencePSCI 210Contemporary African Politics*
Political SciencePSCI 211Politics in the Contemporary Middle East
Political SciencePSCI 213Latin American Politics
Political SciencePSCI 217Russian Politics*
Political SciencePSCI 218Politics of Post War Western Europe
Political SciencePSCI 219Chinese Politics
Political SciencePSCI 224Political Economy of Development
Political SciencePSCI 252War, Strategy and Politics
Political SciencePSCI 253International Politics of the Middle East
Political SciencePSCI 255East Asian International Relations
Political SciencePSCI 258Human Rights*
Political SciencePSCI 259Russian Foreign Policy*
Political SciencePSCI 267International Affairs: Russia and Eastern Europe
Political SciencePSCI 298Anarchism*
Political SciencePSCI 314Transitions to Democracy
Political SciencePSCI 358International Law
Political SciencePSCI 395Power Sharing
Political SciencePSCI 398Selected Topics in Political Science*
Political SciencePSCI 411Political Economy of Gender (GSWS 411)
Political SciencePSCI 413Latin American Politics
Political SciencePSCI 498European Union
Religious StudiesRELS 586History of Islam in Asia
Science, Technology, and SocietySTSC 145Comparative Medicine*
Science, Technology, and SocietySTSC 212Science, Technology and War (HSOC 212)
SociologySOCI 135Law & Society (AFRC 135)

** To request approval, students must speak to a Huntsman advisor, as course content changes.


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