International Studies Requirement (3 cu’s)

International Studies courses provide the social science foundation to enable students to do meaningful comparative work. The following are examples of courses that may be taken to fulfill the Huntsman Program’s International Studies Requirement. Students may be granted credit for other classes not found on this list at the discretion of the Huntsman Advisors.

The list below includes courses starting Spring 2023. More courses will be added to the list as they become available. You may find these courses in Path@Penn by searching for the “UNIS” course attribute or searching the course number.

DepartmentCourseAlso AsCourse Title
Africana StudiesAFRC 0350HIST 0350Africa Since 1800
Africana StudiesAFRC 0400Colonial Latin America
Africana StudiesAFRC 1123SOCI 1120Law & Society
Africana StudiesAFRC 1130PSCI 1130Contemp African Politics
Africana StudiesAFRC 1350HIST 1350Faces of Jihad
Africana StudiesAFRC 2002Introduction to Africa
Africana StudiesAFRC 2630SOCI 2630Contemp Issues Afr Society
Africana StudiesAFRC 3351HIST 3351Africa & the Mid-East
Africana StudiesAFRC 4200AFRC 4200US and Human Rights
AnthropologyANTH 0020Anthro, Race, Modern World
AnthropologyANTH 0120Globalization
AnthropologyANTH 2002Introduction to Africa
AnthropologyANTH 2340Pharma & Global Health
Asian American StudiesASAM 2010NELC 1615Migration & Middle East
Ben Franklin SeminarAFRC 3350HIST 3350Religion & Col Rule in Africa
Ben Franklin SeminarHIST 3350Religion & Col Rule in Africa
Ben Franklin SeminarPSCI 1406Human Rights
Cinema StudiesCIMS 1640REES 1230Russ & E Euro Film 1917-1945
CommunicationsCOMM 2340Global Comm: Tech & Develop
Comparative LiteratureCOML 2020REES 0190Russia and the West
Earth, Science: Environmental ScienceEESC 2300Global Climate Change
East Asian Languages & CivilizationsEALC 1712HIST 1790China & Ussr Compared
EconomicsECON 0420Political Economy
EconomicsECON 0625HIST 3710Business, Econ& Financial Hist
EconomicsECON 4420Political Economy
Energy Management & PolicyENMG 5080REES 5640Geopol of Energy Rus&Eur
EnglishENGL 2405GSWS 2405Global Feminisms
Gender, Sexuality & Women’s StudiesGSWS 2405Global Feminisms
Health and SocietiesHSOC 0490Comparative Medicine
Health and SocietiesHSOC 1120STSC 1120Science Technolgy & War
HistoryHIST 0200Emergence of Mod Europe
HistoryHIST 0350Africa Since 1800
HistoryHIST 0360Hist Mid East Since 1800
HistoryHIST 0400Colonial Latin America
HistoryHIST 0824REES 0190Russia and the West
HistoryHIST 1190Am Diplo Hist Since 1776
HistoryHIST 1203Economic Hist of Euro I
HistoryHIST 1270World War I
HistoryHIST 1350Faces of Jihad
HistoryHIST 1620Rise&Fall of Spanish Emp
HistoryHIST 1740Cap,Soc,&Crisis 20c Ams
HistoryHIST 1790China & Ussr Compared
HistoryHIST 2708War and the Arts
HistoryHIST 3351Africa & the Mid-East
HistoryHIST 3710Business, Econ& Financial Hist
Latin American and Latino StudiesLALS 0400HIST 0400Colonial Latin America
Latin American and Latino StudiesLALS 1120PSCI 1120Latin American Politics
Latin American and Latino StudiesLALS 1620HIST 1620Rise&Fall of Spanish Emp
Latin American and Latino StudiesLALS 1740HIST 1740Cap,Soc,&Crisis 20c Ams
Latin American and Latino StudiesLALS 3020Diplomacy in Americas
Near Eastern Languages & CivilizationsNELC 0600Mideast Thru Many Lenses
Near Eastern Languages & CivilizationsNELC 0650HIST 0360Hist Mid East Since 1800
Near Eastern Languages & CivilizationsNELC 1615Migration & Middle East
Near Eastern Languages & CivilizationsNELC 3550HIST 3351Africa & the Mid-East
Political SciencePSCI 0100Comparative Politics
Political SciencePSCI 0101Comp Pol of Dev Areas
Political SciencePSCI 0400Intro to Intl Relations
Political SciencePSCI 0401REES 1570Russia & E Euro Int’l Affairs
Political SciencePSCI 1102Pol Econ of Development
Political SciencePSCI 1120Latin American Politics
Political SciencePSCI 1130Contemp African Politics
Political SciencePSCI 1150Chinese Politics
Political SciencePSCI 1170Pol of Postwar Western Eur
Political SciencePSCI 1172Russian Politics
Political SciencePSCI 1208The Politics of Food
Political SciencePSCI 1401International Security
Political SciencePSCI 1402International Pol Econ
Political SciencePSCI 1404American Foreign Policy
Political SciencePSCI 1408War,Strategy & Politics
Political SciencePSCI 1440Intl Politics Midd East
Political SciencePSCI 2420LALS 3020Diplomacy in Americas
Political SciencePSCI 2991Selected Topics
Political SciencePSCI 3400The Causes of War & Peace
Political SciencePSCI 3401International Law
Political SciencePSCI 4100Power Sharing
Political SciencePSCI 4450Chinese Foreign Policy
Political SciencePSCI 4800Evidence Based Policies
Religious StudiesRELS 5860History of Islam in Asia
Russian and East European StudiesREES 0010Central & Eastern Europe
Russian and East European StudiesREES 0190Russia and the West
Russian and East European StudiesREES 1230Russ & E Euro Film 1917-1945
Russian and East European StudiesREES 1535PSCI 1172Russian Politics
Russian and East European StudiesREES 1570Russia & E Euro Int’l Affairs
Russian and East European StudiesREES 1580HIST 1790China & Ussr Compared
Russian and East European StudiesREES 5640Geopol of Energy Rus&Eur
Science, Technology, & SocietySTSC 0490HSOC 0490Comparative Medicine
Science, Technology, & SocietySTSC 1120Science Technolgy & War
SociologySOCI 1120Law & Society
SociologySOCI 2630Contemp Issues Afr Society
SociologySOCI 2902AFRC 4200US and Human Rights
SociologySOCI 2910ANTH 0120Globalization
South Asia StudiesSAST 1615NELC 1615Migration & Middle East
South Asia StudiesSAST 5860RELS 5860History of Islam in Asia

Students must speak to a Huntsman advisor to request approval for special topics courses, as course content changes.