The Huntsman Student Advisory Board (HSAB) consists of current students, each elected by members of the Student Board and their peers. HSAB serves as an instrument for greater student participation and as a forum for students to voice their opinions about issues of concern to them. They often provide insight and help to execute programming that is of interest and relevant to Huntsman students. HSAB also works to build a sense of community through social events. Such activities help to maintain the close ties formed between Huntsman students during their freshman year, even after they spread out across campus and across the world during their semester abroad.

Class of 2021Class of 2022Class of 2023Class of 2024
Cole Hancock (Chair)Matteo BrunelDhruva NistaneGabriela Garity
Daniel LevaSanjay KalagaKelly ShenDrake Goodman
Emily DespinoyGabrielle CabezaSon Nguyen
Artem PalyanychkoRishin Sharma


Black Huntsman is the newest student organization within the Huntsman Program. Established in the Spring of 2020, Black Huntsman is a central point to unify the voices of Black Huntsman students and alumni. We are focused on fostering and developing communities that respect our racial, ethnic, nationality, sexuality, gender, ability, and religious differences, as well as any other attributes that influence the way we move through the world. Furthermore, Black Huntsman is committed to promoting education about Black peoples and the cultures we celebrate, the communities and nations we live in, and the histories we share.

Black Huntsman Executive Board
Eve Robinson, Finance ChairAissatu Diop, External Relations
Frida Aloo, Alumni RelationsJanice Owusu, Special Events
Yina Anyachebelu, External Relations