Emily Chiu

Class Year: 

Hometown: San José, California, USA


Leland High School


Chinese (Mandarin)
I recently read a New York Times article that said: responsible teaching and scholarship must become cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural... There can be no adequate understanding of the most important issues we face when disciplines are cloistered from one another and operate on their own premises. This statement resonated strongly with me and reminded me of exactly why I applied early decision to the Huntsman Program; as I was thinking through my own college decision process, few programs offered the breadth and depth of cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary options that characterize the Huntsman Program. It brings together diverse and intellectually-curious individuals to explore common questions of history, economics, politics, culture, philosophy and language from a comparative perspective. Personally, this has well-prepared me for the myriad international experiences -- both personal and professional -- that I have had since graduating.

In addition to studying Chinese, Emily triple concentrated in Finance, Entrepreneurship and Healthcare Management.  While at Penn, Emily was a Wharton Research Scholar (publishing research on China's one-child policy), contributed to 34th Street Magazine, and co-founded a fine arts society with fellow Huntsman classmates.  While studying and working in Beijing and London, Emily gained a fascinating glimpse into the healthcare sector and was inspired to pursue an additional healthcare major at Penn to deepen her understanding of the industry.  Emily credits The Huntsman Program with offering her the flexibility to customize her academic curriculum to encompass a broad range of interests. 

Upon graduation, Emily began her career at Goldman Sachs, where she spent over three years working as an investment banker in New York and San Francisco.  In this role, Emily worked closely with executives of leading healthcare and technology companies on a range of financing and strategic merger and acquisition transactions.  After leaving Goldman, Emily joined GI Partners, a private equity firm that makes investments in asset-intensive businesses, ranging from healthcare facilities and technology companies to wineries in California.  At GI, Emily focuses on evaluating potential investments, and also serves as an Observer on the Board of Directors of a portfolio company, where she works intimately with the management team to develop strategies to improve and grow their business.  Emily currently lives in California, where she spends her free time cycling, training for her first century ride, and traveling.