Rohit Singh

Class Year: 

Hometown: Dublin, Ohio, USA


Columbus Academy


The Huntsman Program’s comparative advantage lies in the enormous talent, passion and diversity of its students. I feel blessed to have forged lifelong friendships with intelligent, passionate classmates – future leaders in fields as varied as academia and law, financial and business services, diplomacy and politics, marketing and non-profit work.

Rohit says that his closest friends at Penn were Huntsman classmates, students who shared his intellectual curiosity but who also found time to take advantage of the limitless co-curricular options on campus. He distinctly remembers helping one classmate study for his fraternity quizzes and working as an usher for another's alternative dancing troupe.  Rohit shared his enthusiasm for the Huntsman Program by volunteering in Penn's admission office and serving as a Wharton School tour guide - and guiding many prospective students and families toward the Huntsman Program office building at the end of Locust Walk. Now, 7 years after graduation, Rohit has worked in both investment banking and private equity in New York and San Francisco. Currently, he serves as a Vice President in Investment Banking at J.P. Morgan, where he covers a diverse range of corporate clients in the retail and apparel sectors.

He finds himself often picking up the phone, again calling on his fellow Huntsman alumni for their insights on potential transactions or career choices.  It has also been gratifying to share in the success of others: his Huntsman friends have dispersed around the world and continue to accept leadership positions in various professional fields. As Rohit looks towards his professional and personal goals, he would like to transition into public service, and he anticipates enjoying the company of many Huntsman classmates in the public sector.

Rohit is a member of The Ohio State University's President's Club, The New York Public Library's Young Lions Program and The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Apollo Circle.  He is happily married and lives in New York City.