Huntsman Faculty Director Receives Award for Outstanding Labor Research

Rudra Sil wins Dorothy Day Award for Outstanding Labor Research


The Huntsman Program’s SAS Faculty Director, Rudra Sil, has just received the Dorothy Day Award for Outstanding Labor Research, together with his former Ph.D. student, Dr. Allison Evans. The award is given to the best paper on labor politics presented at the previous Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (2018).  The paper by Dr. Sil and Dr. Evans is titled “The Dynamics of Labor Militancy in the Extractive Sector: Kazakhstan’s Oilfields and South Africa’s Platinum Mines in Comparative Perspective.”  Dr. Sil just presented a revised version of this paper in Accra, Ghana, at the International Conference of the International Studies Association. That version is forthcoming as an article in one of the leading journals in Political Science, Comparative Political Studies.