The Integration of Blockchain Technology to the Beef Industry

A Comparative Analysis

Cole Hancock


This paper seeks to explore the different plausible and implemented applications of blockchain technology in the beef industry in two representative markets: The United States and Kenya. Previous papers discuss implementation of blockchain to the beef industry, without a focus on the variations between beef industries and supply chains in various countries, a gap this paper aims to address. The main method of research has been primary, traveling to these countries and engaging in conversations with various stakeholders about their industry’s supply chain and the problems and opportunities therein. Overall this paper finds that the integration of blockchain to the beef industry is broadly advisable, but that the most pragmatic and achievable uses and means of blockchain integration vary widely based on the stage of development and regulatory environment of different country’s beef industries.


blockchain, beef industry, cattle industry, supply chain optimization, supply chain transparency, meat industry, food traceability, ranching, agribusiness


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