Current Students

Antía Vázquez Fernández

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Class Year:
Target Language: French
Study Abroad: Université Sciences Po, France
Wharton Concentration(s): Operations Information & Decisions, Decision Processes

Antía was president of Wharton Latino, the Financial Literacy Community Project, Co-Chair of Seniors for the Penn Fund, and co-director for Penn Perspectives. She is a Negotiations TA for prof. Morvarid Taheripour. Next fall, Antía will be working for McKinsey in Mexico City, having received an offer after her sophomore year internship with them. Last summer she worked in Mexico City with Generation, a youth employment initiative created by McKinsey as a partnership for nonprofit, governments, and employers across the world. Prior to that, she interned for Deloitte after freshmen year and was a research assistant for the Baker Retail Initiative.