Summer Spotlight: Jeslyn Li W’26, C’26 Summer in Beijing

My Summer in Beijing

This summer, I was able to spend two months in Beijing—my dad’s hometown, but also a somewhat unfamiliar place that I’ve only heard about and never had the opportunity to explore. I
was especially excited because this was my first time visiting China in six years and I’ll also be able to experience what it’s like to live and work in China, a very different environment from
North America.

For my internship, I worked in one of CITIC Securities’ Wealth Management branches in Beijing. As a Wealth Management Intern, I was able to attend department meetings, where we discussed market trends that will impact our clients’ investment behavior and decisions, learned about the newest financial instruments on the market, and mock-pitched these offerings to each other just like a Client Advisor would do with their respective clients. Another exciting aspect of my work was being able to commute around Beijing to attend conferences and panels where, for example, portfolio managers at well-known private equity firms highlighted their unique investment style as well as their hopes and fears for the market. Throughout my internship, I received a large amount of training from my mentor—an experienced member of the department—in regard to the financial landscape in China. My co-workers also provided me with a lot of support when it came to adjusting to life in China, always giving me new restaurant recommendations and teaching me how to make the most out of my two months in this busy city.

While it was definitely overwhelming to take on the big city at first, I was very motivated by all the people around me. There was never a time when the subway was not packed, nor were the streets ever empty. Everyone was always on their way to do something, to be somewhere. It was a city that never slept and I, simply put, never had a shortage of things to do. Outside of work, I was able to try new foods at beautifully-furnished restaurants, appreciate traditional Chinese artworks at nearby museums and exhibits, visit world-renowned attractions like the Great Wall, and so much more. I was constantly learning new things, whether that be navigating the complicated Beijing subway system or familiarizing myself with the rules and regulations of the Beijing Stock Exchange.

As I return to Penn, I’m excited to share my summer experience with my peers in Huntsman. I’m also eager to hear about everyone’s summer experiences from around the world. While I miss my time in China, I look forward to using the new perspectives I gained in Beijing to tackle whatever comes my way this school year. I’m very thankful to have had such a supportive mentor and coworkers, and I definitely hope to visit them again during my future trips to Beijing!