Current Students

Nikhil Gupta

Hometown: Naperville, IL
Class Year:
Target Language: Spanish
Study Abroad: TBD
Wharton Concentration: Undeclared

Why did you choose the Huntsman Program?

I chose the Huntsman Program because it provides ample opportunities for the study of diverse subject matter. I love the balance between quantitative and qualitative courses that is ensured by the joint curriculum between the College and Wharton, and there are so many academic paths which are available to explore. Above all, the language study component is the most special to me. As an Indian-American who grew up in China, I have been passionate about learning world languages since my early childhood.

What has been your favorite thing about the Program? What aspects of the Program have been most useful to you?

I have cherished all of the unexpected learning that has taken place outside of the classroom during spontaneous conversation. Late night discussions in KC3 and the lounge, outings to Center City, and group travels are all priceless memories through which I have learned so much about the world. Huntsman students have unique perspectives and stories which are invaluable to learn about.

Which courses have you enjoyed the most? Why?

I thoroughly enjoyed HIST 106: “Coca and Cocaine,” a seminar course on the intersection between Latin American policy and indigenous cultural practices. I appreciated the opportunity to research the evolving role of the coca leaf in Andean communities through an independent project under the guidance of Professor Farnsworth-Alvear. OIDD 101: “Introduction To Operations and Information Management” was another memorable class because I was able to learn about specific mathematical applications to the optimization of production schemes. I look forward to taking more OIDD courses in the future.

How do you feel Huntsman has prepared/will prepare you to reach your career and personal goals?

In addition to the curriculum providing me with important skills for the workplace and beyond, I know that Huntsman students and advisors always have been and will continue to be supportive of my endeavors. I am immensely grateful that members of the Huntsman community are always available for academic, vocational, and personal advice.

Are you involved in any co-curricular activities at Penn? What is your role?

As a member of the Undergraduate Assembly, I have been elected as a Wharton Representative and as the Communications Director on Cabinet. I am also Vice President of the Wharton Asia Exchange Professional Committee, Co-Leader of Penn Microfinance Team Latin America, a member of the Penn Wharton China Summit Marketing Committee, and a performer on the Penn Dhamaka dance troupe.

Where have (or will) you intern?

In the summer of 2019, I was an intern at the National Urban League in New York City as a Robert A. Fox Leadership Fellow.