Currently, there are a total of 183 Huntsman students across all four classes, including 90 U.S. residents from 26 different states and 2 U.S. territories, and 93 international students from 40 countries.

International Students: 40 countries

Austria France Lebanon Saudi Arabia
Azerbaijan Germany Malaysia Singapore
Bahrain Hong Kong Mexico South Korea
Belgium India Morocco Taiwan
Brazil Indonesia Nicaragua Thailand
Cameroon Iran Nigeria Turkey
Canada Italy Paraguay United Arab Emirates
Chile Japan Peru United Kingdom
China Jordan Philippines Uruguay
El Salvador Kenya Qatar Vietnam


U.S. Residents: 90 from 26 states and 2 U.S. territories

California Maryland Pennsylvania
Connecticut Massachusetts Puerto Rico
District of Columbia Michigan Rhode Island
Florida Minnesota Tennessee
Georgia New Jersey Texas
Guam New York Virginia
Hawaii North Carolina Washington
Illinois Ohio Wisconsin
Indiana Oklahoma  
Kentucky Oregon  


Breakdown of Classes by Language:
Arabic 18 Japanese 11
Chinese (Mandarin) 23 Korean 4
French 37 Portuguese 22
German 13 Russian 8
Hindi 3 Spanish 36
Italian 10    

Note: two students in all four years are pursuing two target languages