Gaurav Madan

Class Year: 

Hometown: Singapore


Raffles Junior College


Between freshmen and sophomore year I studied at Peking University in Beijing, China on a Huntsman Summer Language Grant. This was an eye-opening experience: It gave me the opportunity to study Mandarin in a native setting and also exposed me to a completely new culture. Following this, I did my Huntsman semester abroad at St Stephen’s College in New Delhi, India where I read Hindi and took Indian Economics courses.

As an international student, who was born in India and grew up in Singapore, Gaurav saw his college decision as a choice between the more focused education he would get at a top university in the U.K. and the more broad based education in the U.S. at an ivy-league liberal arts college. He had a passion for economics and an interest in business, so when he found out about the Huntsman Program, he saw it as a chance to experience the benefits of both. The fact that he would also be able to study abroad at St. Stephen's College in India (the alma mater of both his parents) convinced him to apply early decision.

Gaurav was a member of the International Affairs Association, Class board and Wharton Leadership Ventures. In addition to his study abroad in India (where he took Hindi and Indian Economics courses), he spent a summer at Peking University in Beijing, China, on a Huntsman Summer Language Grant. He earned Finance and Accounting concentrations in Wharton and minors in Economics, Mathematics and South-Asia studies, as well as his International Studies major in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Overall, he feels that his Indian roots and ability to converse in Hindi and Mandarin, coupled with the international exposure, skills and knowledge with which the Huntsman Program provided him, will empower him to contribute to society and to the business world - in which China and India play an increasingly significant role. Currently, he is working in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong.