Gerardo Benitez

Class Year: 

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico


Greengates School



From kindergarten through high school, Gerardo attended an international school in Mexico, where he was surrounded by the children of diplomats and executives from multinational companies. This early exposure to a world bigger than his own helped seed his curiosity about the world around him. For college, he left his country to join the Huntsman Program. His classmates at Penn were a group of diverse individuals whose backgrounds and life experiences were completely different than his own. During college, he learned his third language, French, in which he majored alongside his finance degree. He invested considerable effort and time in that endeavor, including studies in both Quebec and France.

After college, Gerardo worked at Enron and TPG, building upon what he learned at the Huntsman Program. He gained significant exposure to global transactions that involved coordination between international offices and demanding schedules. He has navigated a number of uncomfortable situations, requiring patience, tact and significant respect for his hosts. Gerardo has sourced investments in Norway, turned around a business in Tajikistan, helped restructure and finance an Indian portfolio company, and sat on the board of a company in Colombia. He has traveled to over forty countries and has more than once run out of pages in his passport. Recently, he returned to the University of Pennsylvania as a member of the Lauder Program, a Master's level counterpart to the Huntsman Program. He will earn an MBA from Wharton and an MA in International Studies from Penn's Graduate School.