Kristin Hall

Class Year: 

Hometown: St. James, New York, USA


Smithtown High East


Graduates of the Huntsman Program are not just business people. They are worldly people ready to change the business world.

Why Huntsman?

During high school, Kristin spent three years working in a local university laboratory, investigating methods for single-cell cancer detection. Having earned recognition as a Regional Finalist in the Siemens Westinghouse Competition and a semi-finalist in the prestigious Intel Talent Search, Kristin's research mentors and professors didn't understand why she would apply to a business program. However, Kristin believes, "the business person is a unifying element that brings every vocational group together."  Precisely because she is interested in many different areas, Kristin was attracted to the idea of an international business program that would help her to develop skills applicable to any career.  After visiting Penn, she was amazed by the wealth of resources available for research.  She saw Huntsman as an opportunity to have it all, to not have to sacrifice any of her interests, and to pursue a unique, interdisciplinary academic career.

On campus, Kristin enjoys participating in a variety of activities.  She is one of twenty students on the Wharton Dean's Advisory Board, an undergraduate organization that meets monthly with Dean Robertson to implement various academic programs.  She also enjoys singing with the University Choir and consulting non-profit organizations through Penn International Business Volunteers.   Kristin is also a peer advisor and tutor in Penn's Writing Center.  This summer, Kristin will intern in JPMorgan's investment banking division, and has already found a mentor within the organization: a Huntsman alumnus!

Internship in Botswana

When Kristin approached the Huntsman Program with an idea for a research project in Africa, the Program's advisor instantly connected her with the Penn-in-Botswana Program.   Kristin jumped at the chance to spend a summer interning for the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC), an investment promotion company that aims to establish Botswana as a financial hub for Pan-African business. While there, she also conducted research, exploring how AIDS impacts business development in Africa.  She completed the project with the help of a Penn professor and was recently recognized by the U.S National Commission for UNESCO for her work.

Beyond being an amazing experience in cross-cultural communication, Kristin's time in Botswana allowed her to form lasting friendships.  With the new friends she made, she bungee-jumped at Victoria Falls, went on safari in Chobe National Park and even camped out in the Kalahari Desert!

Kristin was touched when, at the end of her time in Botswana, ten people showed up at the airport to see her off. She described her time in Botswana as "one of the best experiences of my life," and she has already taken advantage of an opportunity to return to Africa.  She spent her Spring Break this year in Tanzania with three fellow Huntsman sophomores, creating a poverty assessment tool for a microfinance institution in Dar-es-salaam.