Muhammed Mekki

Class Year: 

Hometown: Riverwoods, Illinois, USA


Deerfield High School


The time I spent studying at the University of Jordan in Amman was a defining moment in my college career. By enrolling as a local student, I took classes alongside locals in Arabic and became a part of Jordanian social circles. It was truly a full immersion.

The Huntsman Program gave Muhammed an opportunity for in-depth study of a part of the world he is passionate about: the Middle East. Each semester at Penn, he enrolled in a variety of classes ranging from the "Evolution of Human Behavior" to "Contemporary Politics of the Middle East." He spent a semester abroad at the University of Jordan in Amman taking courses in Arabic alongside locals. Along the way, Muhammed uncovered a passion for political science and was able to graduate Penn with a third major in this field.

During his sophomore and junior years, Muhammed served as the President of the Penn Muslim Students Association (MSA). While managing board members and acting as the external voice of this group on campus, he gained insight into the way organizations function. Not only was he able to apply theory learned from Wharton classrooms to the MSA leadership role, but he also shared his challenges and successes with classmates to better contextualize academic topics.

After graduation, Muhammed was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to spend a year researching Islamic finance in Syria and the United Arab Emirates. Upon returning to the United States, he worked as a management consultant, building the requisite experience needed to take the next step and enter the international business sphere.  Muhammed is currently pursuing his MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and plans to move to the Middle East upon completion of his degree.