Patrick Elyas

Class Year: 

Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA


Loyola High School


My favorite thing about the Program is the lounge, because it's a great place to chill between classes, have lunch with friends, or print out a paper at the last minute.

Student Background

Patrick is from Los Angeles but both of his parents are Egyptian. He was raised in a cosmopolitan, multilingual household. Both his parents spoke French around the house and his grandparents spoke Arabic. He had friends from all over the world, and since he was a toddler, his family would travel a lot to different places, especially around Europe. They would spend a lot of time discussing current events and his family subscribed many newsmagazines, like the Economist.

According to Patrick, "I always grew up with an international perspective, an appreciation for different places, and a deep interest in international relations and business. My parents definitely fostered my passions for politics and business and fueled my ambitions." Patrick chose the Huntsman Program because it combined the two subject areas in which he was most interested (international studies and business), while giving him the opportunity to earn a Wharton degree, meet plenty of international students, and have experiences studying abroad and immersing himself in another language.

Penn and Beyond

Aside from his classes at Penn, Patrick was most involved in the Wharton Middle East North Africa club, for which he served as co-president his junior and senior years. During his time at Penn, the club became much closer to its MBA equivalent and organized the first-ever Wharton MENA Business Conference in March 2012, which was a great success. After graduating from Penn, Patrick began working as a business analyst for McKinsey & Co. in their Dubai office. He looks forward to the experience of living and working in the Middle East, and hopes to add more international experiences as his career progresses. Eventually Patrick foresees returning to the U.S. for his graduate education and to eventually pursue a career in politics. Patrick is grateful for his experience at Penn, particularly for enabling him to meet so many interesting people from all over the world.