HuntSpeak: Interviewing Couloir X. Hanson

Interviewed by Emily Despinoy I feel like life is a constant struggle to reach certain higher goals. The ones that I want to work toward are freedom, loyalty, and diligence. The Basics: Couloir is currently a Senior targeting and minoring in German, and concentrating in Statistics and Finance. In addition,Read More

HuntSpeak: Interviewing Ben Winer

By Mariana Velasco I grew up fascinated by current events. Every morning I would read the Wall Street Journal; every night I would bond with my father by watching the news. I had been to Israel quite a few times, and I speak Hebrew fluently. What began as an interestRead More

HuntSpeak: Interviewing Grace Seeley

By Mariana Velasco Grace is a senior targeting Spanish originally from Minnesota. She is concentrating in Finance and Decision Processes at Wharton, as well as minoring in Hispanic Studies and Music in the College.  Tell me more about your minor in Music, how did that happen? I am a classicalRead More

Huntsman Students win the MIT Covid-19 Hackathon

By Mariana Velasco Huntsman students Samidha Sane ’22, Nikhil Gupta ’22 and Ayina Anyachebelu ’22, along with Eugenia Lee (University of Chicago) and Logan Herman (Carnegie Mellon), participated in the MIT Covid-19 Hackathon to produce a project that would solve challenges related to the pandemic in Africa, and won asRead More

HuntSpeak: Study Abroad in Milan Reflection

By Matteo Brunel I didn’t go into my semester abroad in Milan, Italy at Bocconi University with any particular expectations. I was just excited to strengthen my Italian speaking skills and spend time with my family. I arrived in Italy mid-January to spend a week in Castiglione della Pescaia, TuscanyRead More

HuntSpeak: Interviewing Cole Hancock

By Mariana Velasco Cole is a rising senior targeting German born and raised in Colorado.  What is something that not a lot of people at Penn know about you? A lot of people at Penn don´t know that I am a super outdoorsy guy, I was an Eagle Scout andRead More

HuntSpeak: Talking Penn with Samidha Sane

By Mariana Velasco If you had told me that I would spend my entire freshman summer in France, Portugal, and Morocco as a student journalist for the Pulitzer Center, I would not have believed you. Penn and Huntsman have opened a number of doors for me, and I feel so fortunateRead More

HuntSpeak: interviewing Vinay Bodapati

By Emily Despinoy A combination of unique circumstances led Vinay to become a French target in Huntsman: his family moved back to the US after 5 years in France right before he was born, and not being able to understand when his parents and sister talked in French motivated himRead More

Roomate goals: Son Nguyen and Szilveszter Pálvölgyi IV

By Couloir X. Hanson Two long-lost Slavic kindred spirits reunited by their passion for the Huntsman Program. “We’ve had oddly similar life trajectories from attending local public schools to American boarding schools to targeting German in the Huntsman Program. Sometimes it feels like we’re taking turns living the same life.”Read More

A Case of Misplaced Identity

For me, living at 'home' required a student visa. Jonathan Lahdo August 29, 2018 An answer to “where are you from?” should come easily enough; and for most people, it does. After all, even if you were born, say, to immigrant parents, you can almost always think of home as Genericville,Read More

A conversation with Anthony Borgese

I loved Comparative Politics in high school and wanted to go into business to some degree, but just didn’t know how, I think that Huntsman has given me the opportunity to explore and figure out where I want to go – I realized that it was truly the best combination.Read More

A conversation with Madeline Lau

By Mariana Velasco That is what is really cool about Huntsman – everyone is involved in different things. I think that we all pursue so many different things because we are very international and love to travel, so we have that ability to stray and try new things, but alwaysRead More

From Starter Nation to Start-Up Nation:

Transformations in the Israeli Economy By Ben Winer History of Comparative Capitalist Systems Introduction The rise of the Jewish nation state from the ashes of the Holocaust is an impressive historical feat that has captured the attention of the world. Within this stunning story lies a subplot no less transformativeRead More


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