A conversation with Matteo Brunel

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By Mariana Velasco For me, the most interesting is how the cultures of different countries affect how business is done, which changes how much people work, how hard they work, and why they work – everything is different and that is so cool. The Basics: Matteo is a sophomore potentiallyRead More

A conversation with Aiden Reiter

"Being in Huntsman has really pushed me to see how the world works from a much more macro level perspective. The world is not only about business nor is it only about government, so I am glad that I got to explore both." Interview By: Mariana Velasco The Basics: AidenRead More

A conversation with Ryan Abdullah

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By Mariana Velasco In my free time I just like to watch hours and hours of videos on documentaries, random facts on how things work, learning about airplanes, or Middle Eastern politics. The Basics: Ryan is a junior concentrating in Finance and targeting Arabic with an extremely wide range ofRead More

A conversation with Raj Bagaria

There are some intricacies that you can only really see if you completely immerse yourself in local cultures – however that may be. The Huntsman Program is really good at encouraging that full immersion; not a lot of programs require you to study abroad for a semester to graduate orRead More

The Study of Motivation to Work in the Youth of Italy

Matteo Brunel University of Pennsylvania ‘22 LITERATURE REVIEW “Belief in personal control is highly adaptive, for its presence or absence can have a significant impact on the regulation of cognition, emotion, and even physical health” — L. A. Leotti (2012) on “The Inherent Reward of Choice” According to Financial TimesRead More

Huntsman Faculty Director, Harbir Singh, Co-Hosts Reoccurring Radio Show on SiriusXM, “Mastering Innovation”

Huntsman Faculty Director, Harbir Singh, Co-Hosts Reoccurring Radio Show on SiriusXM "Mastering Innovation"   The Huntsman Program’s Wharton Faculty Director, Harbir Singh, is also a Director of Wharton's Mack Institute for Innovation. Singh, along with colleagues Nicolaj Siggelkow and Saikat Chaudhuri co-host a radio series on SiriusXM 132, "Mastering Innovation".Read More

Huntsman Senior, Mark Rinder, Receives Fulbright Award

Huntsman Senior Receives Fulbright Award Mark Rinder ('19) receives Fulbright-García Robles Binational Internship Unique among Fulbright programs worldwide, the Binational Internship program was created in 1996 to promote mutual understanding between the business communities in Mexico and U.S. A Portuguese target in the Huntsman Program, Mark is majoring in InternationalRead More

Huntsman Alumna Co-Chairs World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum 2019 Julia Luscombe ('10) serves as Co-Chair "I believe in the positive transformative power of Globalization 4.0, if millennials can shape it on our terms of equity, equality and sustainability. According to a 2017 survey of the Global Shapers Community, 51% of people under 30 believe ‘equalRead More


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